Perhaps that want to see that light

at the end of the tunnel

as the old saying goes


or the light in a person’s eye

when she reds a line

she relates to


tbe glow in one’s features

as she enjoys words

as one might enjoy hearing

as bird’s song.


Perhaps this is what empowers me.


Maybe to visualize the fame

I dream to have

the recognition of my name

by someone unknown to me


to have meaning to my name

as a stranger across the world

would put with my persona

like the last piece of a jigsaw.


Perhaps this is what empowers me.


It could be the filling of pride

like helium filling a balloon

for a children’s party

inflating me

with the warmth of my words


the pondering of thoughts

inscribed on white lined paper

scribbled by a blue pen.


Perhaps that is what empowers me.


The final product –

elated with it –

it must be the same feeling

Orpheus had when he played the lyre


And then that moment

the one of contentment

when  I look down and see my thoughts

described as if by an artist

not scrambled in my head.


Perhaps that is what empowers me.


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