Eleven years

you open your eyes
and don't feel eleven
everything's just like yesterday
the way you grow old
cry like if you're three
because your scared
the rings inside a tree trunk
each year inside the next one
that look on my face
when they ask you
that's the way it is
i open my mouth nothing comes out
a little voice
when i was four
not right away
you wake up on your eleventh birthday
because she's older
she's right I'm not
i wish i didn't have only eleven years
maybe a thousand years old
i wish i was one hundred and two
instead of eleven becuase
they don't understand
when your eleven, your also ten
nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one
like an onion
each year
inside the other
when you open your eyes
on your eleventh birthday


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