An Elegy Mourning the Loss of a Friend

The darkened pall of misery has come,

The blade of death has fallen once again,

Upon the neck of youth and happiness,

The plaintive call turns mourning into song,

But joy no one has found amidst the pain,

For none alive can follow where Death goes


The deepest silence leaves the heart imbued,

With aches of love and groans of sad regrets,

That one who once drew breath will ne’er again,

That never will a smile graze the lips,

Which frozen rest forever in a frown,

Which could have been a smile full of peace


Alas! The tragic parting of a soul,

Who left before dear friends could bid adieu,

To one whose light was snuffed before its time,

For lies and doubts struck home before the truth,

And now those left behind are filled with grief,

For though one traded this world for the next,

The strength of those left here is being tried

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