An Elegy of Disease


United States
37° 18' 14.0184" N, 120° 49' 36.9228" W

Disease is the reason
For the loss of my loved ones,
And possibly the future
Loss of others.

That monster took away my chance
To see my grandfathers,
And he is now hidden away in someone else,
Waiting to take away the person's life.

He is fatal, deadly, lethal, and mortal
He is a busy man,
Always looking for the next
Target in his path.

He awaits in the dark
Like a vicious panther, preying on its victim
Shredding its wretched teeth through
Skin and bone.

If only he knew how much pain,
How much suffering he's caused.
Oh I wish he'd know,
I wish someone would get rid of him.

There needs to be a cure, a repellent
So he can stay away from defenseless people,
Especially from young individuals.
He takes away their lives when they're just starting one.

Neither I, nor anyone else, want this animal
Taking innocent lives, or even the lives of
People who have lived halfway
Through their life.

He's not welcome,
And not loved by anyone.
Disease is the reason
For the loss of my loved ones.


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