El Capitan

(Verse 1)

The water was warm in the water bed

You were standing in the doorway of my room

When I looked at you and said 

"Come and sail on with me, on a voyage of love"

"It ain't the Virgin sea my dear, but it's damn near close enough"

"Honey, all you need is the need to play the game"

"I'll be the pirate girl and you'll be the Captain"

"Get on board Baby, cause your luck is about to change"


(Verse 2)

(Male) "Well, I'll be your Captain honey"

"I know there's only been one other person on that sea"

"And you said you broke up with him and that's alright with me"

"You also said that he was shrimpy, couldn't keep your boat afloat"

"Well, I got somethin' for ya that ain't shrimpy my dear"

"Let's see if this might do the job honey.., does this look big enough to rock that boat?"



(Female) "I'll be the pirate girl and you can be the Captain of the sea"

"Let's play a little game of El Capitan, just you and me"

"Cause I got the boat, the water to let us sail"

"And you got that big Sea monster right there.., baby that thing looks like a whale"

(Male) "Well, it ain't no little minnow, I gurentee"

"And baby I'd love to play El Capitan with you"

"But you might be a bit bull legged for two days or maybe even three"

(Female) "El Capitan"

(Male) "Hey, yeah I'll be your captain"

(Female) "El Capitan"

(Male) "I'll be your Captain baby, let me sail on that sea"

"I'll be your El Capitan"




(Verse 3)

(Female) "I was hoping that your mind would be in the same place that mine was

on that cold January day"

"That's why I told you to come over right away"

"I had a new idea for a game I wanted to play"

"It involved just the two of us rolling on the seas, I was so happy when you decided to stay"


(Male) "Well, how could I refuse you looked so good in those clothes"

"Those little shorts and that little top, where else would I go?"

"I decided to stay right there and play El Capitan with you"

"Once I got to diving baby, you were smiling when I got through"


(Repeat Chorus)


(Male) "Taught ya about Scuba diving, for your first time, you could really hold your breath"

(Female) "You dove pretty damn good yourself, I thought you were gonna glutton yourself to death"

(Male) "No baby, I could never get enough of that"

(Female) ""Well that's good to know cause I intend on calling you back"


(Repeat Chorus)



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