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 When I look at you, I imagine everything good in this world.

You are the mixture of hot and cold.

I am, one or the other

You are the only one, who truly knows me,

And that is in your discretion if you want to share.


We’ve known each other for 3 years, 3months and some days,

You know there is much more to discover from each other

It will take a lifetime to truly know someone

You know what my family contains, and I know who your family is


But I don’t judge you, by them, and I can see that you wouldn’t either


There is fear within us, about one or the other

We could, be wrong and we can be right,

You get mad easily, I might add salt to the wound sometimes,

But it’s in your power to contain yourself

You’ve seen for yourself that I’m not perfect


I might not be the one, who comes out one hundred percent honest,

But since we’ve been together again, I have

Again it’s up to you to believe that

What I truly know is that I love you.

When I’m with you, nothing else is in my head


When you meet me up at school, it’s truly amazing

Those few minutes in physics, feel like a lifetime

When I come out and see you, I feel like it’s just you and me there

I don’t care for the other people around us, it’s just you and me baby

When we walk to the train, I think about, I can be walking alone but

Thankfully I’m not cuz you’re there. You are my protector, for that hour and a half.


When we hug and kiss on the train platform, I think of your journey there alone,

I think he must really love me, for coming all the way over here

I know how much of a pain it is to go all the way over there, after school.

I can imagine the hunger, the tiredness you feel.

But I really appreciate it love.


I want to be there for you, when you need me,

When you want me there, I will also be there, 

because truth is, is that I love you.

More than that, I care for you so much. 

You are my best friend, 

                                 I love you.




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