An Education Scheme


We're The Leaders of tomorrow, the learners of today .

So we're obligated to sit in class and listen to what you say?

It's the same Ol' routine, This Dull learning scheme . 

Half the stuff we learn, doesn't even got a meaning . 

But you're the teacher , I'm just a student . 

& what we think or say is never truely important.

Take notes, write this down, memorize this and that,

Where are we suppose to store all this knowledge at?

After about two weeks you lay a test on our desk . 

You say "I hope you studied" and then we never look at that stuff again?

Learn for 12 Years & work the rest of your lives . 

Oh but wait you still want us to go to college right?

They say you gotta focus on the future , so whats the point of learning History?

I'll never understand how the hell this is gonna help me!

All this Chemistry Homework is gonna help me pay the bills?

And Learning Geometry will give me what useful skill?

But I'm just a teen , stuck in the classroom for an hour . 

Dictated by some adult who has all of the power .



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