The Edge

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 11:26 -- Kenz

I can see the edge, 

But I cannot see over it. 

I'm holding on tight, 

But I have nothing to show for it. 

I know what comes next; 

I'm familiar with this pattern. 

But when this starts to bend, 

I don't know what comes after. 

My world begins to shake, 

And I begin to shiver, 

Like a terrified child, 

After someone has hit her. 

Though there's nothing around; 

There's nothing to scare me, 

The darkness inside 

Has no plans to spare me. 

The beating of my heart, 

Keeps getting faster, 

My hands begin to shake, 

And my teeth start to chatter. 

The wind is picking up, 

And the light is growing dim, 

I'm stuck fighting this battle, 

But there's no chance I can win.


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