Echoes of The Forest

Sitting in the forest all alone,

Listening to the trees creak and moan.

Happy little birds singing in trees,

Hearing the branches rustle in the breeze.


This is the place I feel happiest,

The place where comforting shadows are cast,

Along a floor of soft green velvet.

The place whose beautiful music I covet.


Close by lies a bubbling stream,

This added to nature’s song sounds clear and clean.

Every now and then you’ll see animals passing by.

A deer, a rabbit, and a lonely bird in the sky.


Everywhere you look, you can see,

Beautiful golden beams of light bursting through the trees.

Accompanied ever so occasionally,

By the single falling leaf.


I feel secure here in this place,

This wholesome place.

For this is the place my heart resides,

With the echoes of the forest.

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Our world
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