Boy you are something special, and you got a gift, you better believe in yourself,

So speak my mind hopping that someone will listen,

To a young black man, African American with a vision,

Went to college in KY and I’m working with precision,

But it’s hard I get distracted, see a women, lust reacted,

Therefore I run, like from the pop of the gun, oh yes I ran track,

Therefore I guess I am use to that,

But it’s hard when you’re a Christian on a lifelong mission to save souls,

When at times I’m unsure about my own soul,

I think how selfish are my goals, should I let my true talent unfold,

SPEAK MY MIND AND BE BOLD….but then I’ll be called cocky,

I just want to be seen as humble, so I don’t look bad when I stumble,

Excuses, excuses, I know I should take action

Be persistent and pursue it,

And every time I say…”Well but”

That’s trash I’m perfuming…

So Here I am World, born to spit these rhymes and twirl,

Grow my hair and let it curl,

Make this money pay these bills

Get married romance and thrill,

Love God and sin kill

But it’s hard when at times their Dad is racist,

I told a girl I like her, she says grandparent’s racist,

Culture tells me to just face it,

Movies tell me I can take,

Then they say will never make it,

That’s stupid, this is a nuisance,

And there are all these rules,

Not the law but society rules,

The sub culture of my church

Raise and hands, it gives me worth,

I approach the altar first,

Which means I have more thirst, thirst for the unseen?

When it’s all about the heart,

I mean who cares what you see if they have a dirty heart,

Time for me to check my heart,

School starts in about a month, time is really passing bye

Working at school all summer, rapping in my spare time,

And slowly now approach the students,

And they take seats at their tables,

Segregate segregate, full of cliques and labels,

Somebody had a dream, almost reality,

I guess it’s now a fable!

Chinese, Japanese, and there go the ballers,

They ask me, why are black people so loud,

And I have no response; I could be sarcastic like the Hans,

But I just sit in silence, and think what with that smirk,

Do you like violence?

Its seems I am living in a place where people desire to provoke,

Stereotypical notions of a culture, pushing all to the edge,

And make want to say….you do the most.

But instead I breathe deeply, and smile moving on,

Knowing that if I respond in anyway, you’ll keep going on,

Thinking the way you do…by the way you’re not cute,

I need to pray for you,

Hoping someone prays for me,

I’m staying rooted no retreat,

I know this poem is eclectic,

See that’s just how I work

And to you is this prophetic?

I’m just speaking my mind,

It doesn’t matter if you get it….

Yet I hope you do.




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