east winds


United States
40° 51' 43.8444" N, 73° 53' 9.636" W

weather is grey like a Russian blue cat
the sky casts a cloud so thick you felt as if you saw a ghost that is not friendly like Casper
trees is tilting on one side like the boot in Italy
winds so powerfully strong like a body builder lifting up a car
breeze circulate the air with grace, its a touch and feel of the fall
no matter what, i will always be walking tall
when mother nature is angry, she is shouting with screams to never underestimate her rage
she will make you feel like a little bird name tweety and tells you to stay inside your cage
as the winds are blowing east, here comes the rain taking charge like a running back heading for the end zone
don't try to overpower precipitation or you will wear a dunce cap that looks like a cone
i'm thankful to wake up each day
i know when i see mother nature yells, like a pilot flying to land a plane safely, i'll shout "may day", "may day"

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Hot Rod


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

I hope you meant that the poem was good. Don't want to assume you are insulting because 1st off, none of my poems are awful and 2nd, not the setting to criticize any poet.  Elaborate further with that comment 

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