Earth is my Mama

Awakening to a senseless breath,

a breeze takes over; a simple stroke

as yesterday's misfortunes fall back into focus


One fork in the road,

a choice, I suppose

And she reminds me without fail

to treat others with ease


Yet it seems quite unfair to me

Sunlight seeps into the sheets

Despite what's been done to me

She's always right there for me


A reminder of solitude

and grandeur and grace

A stable foundation for a lowly race

to keep me on my feet

to master the art of restart


Her morals float so high above

And all are invited

to the planet party of love


"Remind one another

no matter the cost

never exclude.

Share your thoughts."


So love your mama

as much as you can

Protect her, stand by her

She's falling again


I trip on her roots just to feel

a sense of belonging, she sings to me

Appreciate the chills, the message, the thrills...

Bringing me back to myself.


My mother, my ground, my home.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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