Dying to Live

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 13:58 -- cfattal




Anger doesn’t live across the sea,

Nor among the rare breeds of humanity

Because Anger creeps beneath the trees,

And pounces upon you quickly


As Anger calls down the rains,

She soaks her friends and foes all the same

Because her soul won’t be in control

And her wind blows them crisp and cold


Storms of hate will leave her weak,

Amid the silence, Anger will wait,

While the heart whispers warnings, far too meek

Advising herself from isolation’s bleak


With haunted eyes and heavy heart,

Anger will watch from afar

And when the solitude solidifies,

Anger will know her fate in time


One dawn will break hatred’s window,

And the gentle sun will defrost the soul

The heart will again, know the beat of man

Alone, Anger will not stand


Anger is not born across the seas,

Upon the skeletons of faded things

Because Anger is born from humanity

It is we, who give her the chance to breathe


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