Dump Home Girl Trump

it all started with a lie..

you lied about your taxes

Dump Trump, Dump Trump

what hump homegirl

you got the world in a whirl

can't really tell if your a boy or a girl

I didn't vote for you gotta low IQ

got beats to the rhyme, to the rhyme to the reason

soon you'll be made up as a clown in prison

What is are decision

What is are reason for believing

It's in the changing of the seasons

What alout this wall you seem to stand ten feet tall

See ya on the flip side cheese

Bruh, you keep spreading your deadly disease

It still won't knock me to my knees

You seem to be busy as a bee

You took out Hillary what a mystery

What hump Trump

make me vomit in my mouth

Soon you'll be going down South

In federal prison,

yeah, that's your final decision

Your fired !

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