Duet of Weaving Complexion

Apathy, my brethren, sweet poison of the

Mind yourself and what you say and forget

Emotion never produces a logical thrill

Of majestic gilded roses

Full of empty air and scented waste

Take your time, so relative, and

Holidays never seem to cease soft 

Madness into woven knit sweaters of

Burned, charred discussion deeply

Infiltrating my compromised immunity

I have loved all and lacerated bleeding veins

Refrained from showing how I hurt

Over the simple complications produced

By those I love and loved again

Hold close that you once had my regards

Shards of cold distance shattered it

I’m moved, going to explore how

One can surpass love and hate

Into a mutual acceptance of content

You matter and, timid„ had me candid

But I’m not branded the fool

The masses adore me, no one hates me enough

To harm my fragile ecosystem,

The power I have, dormant, volcanic,

Panic for me. 


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