Duck Dodgers


Me without a filter
is a home without the realtor
I'm independent
I'm meant to be more than
what society's telling me
selling me without the sticker
that says I'm old, off the kilter
I'm bold without the filter
I'm gold without the glitter

me without a filter
is a hand with all the blisters
the man you're calling mister
my CEO in the mirror
the miracle in the making
the bacon tossed in the griller
the prime cut, I'm just priceless
my price: Magilla Gorilla

me without a filter
is fleek, phenom, no filler
is geek, jock, city slicker
the whipper snapper with wisdom
shy like I'm from Chicago
the hardest act you could follow
the neo-Pablo Picasso
an owl off in the cosmos

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