Drunken Abode

Wed, 07/13/2016 - 14:54 -- vnaswa

I live on my drunken abode,
How pretty everything seems.
I do believe that around is clearer than I really see,
For I have done this before.


I lived here so long
I no longer beg to differ.

My abode lays pretty
It takes me where I please,
Across and beyond the limited sea.
Sand and snow envelope me in grass
Mansions take their place,
And I live in the open.


I don't want to to go home.
I float through land and wind.
Nothing can touch me,
Nothing can feel me.
But my tips encounter.
I can feel every experience.


My only sin had been that I wanted to divorce within myself,
To rip apart every layer of this vessel known as life.
For I could only then,
Truly perceive love and hate in same measures.

This glorious drunken abode lets me free.
In constant I see and feel.
Maybe that's why so often I find myself here.


Something is changing.
I can see
'Oh why. why?'
'Don't say it' I plead.
'you are my creation, don't you dare!'

'I'm disgusting' it turns on me,
and there it is.

How I tried, only cried and tried to forget.
Nothing stays but everything remains.

'I am disgusting' I turn on myself.
Everything can feel me now,
I screech.

I have done this before.



I pluck inside me; music that creates another.

I live on my drunken abode.
How pretty everything seems,
I do believe that around is clearer than I really see,
For I have done this before.
I have Hazed through my life.



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My community
Our world


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