The Drunkard (The Movie: The Poem)

Fri, 08/30/2019 - 00:19 -- Glenbo

In the new modern era

The gods protect every day

Since popularity’s down

They keep themselves away


Not everyone’s a fool though

Those who believe see them all

One who knows about the myths

Can bring their godly downfall


This person is no god’s friend

They all will be in their way

He wants humanity dead

First, it’s protectors will pay


There lay beneath the surface

A creature of bull and snake

Dawns sharp horns on serpents back

The ophiotaurus wakes


Upon its throne it’s disturbed

It laid dormant alone since

An edgy teen named Tyrone

Made ophiotaurus mince


The teenager burned it’s guts

And to prophecy, he got

The power to kill any god

Thus it begun his onslaught


One by one, the gods were slayed

Invisible to strangers

No matter how fast they hid

Tyrone performed his crusade


All but one kept visible

Human to the naked eye

In the form of a drunkard

All pissed on whiskey and rye


The god was bearded and hairy

Reeked of alcohol and piss

‘Tis the shattered figure of

The holy dionysus


He watched as his friends were killed

All slaughtered by the dozen

Dionysus lost so many

Every friend and their cousin


One day in a Cretan bar

Dionysus drunk on malt

The new bartender on shift

And she was pulled to a halt


She saw the drunkard gleaming

One of the only who could

She asked if he was a god

Quickly he got up and stood


The god answered her question

Stifling hiccups and burps

She asked why he was here, right now

The god told of the twerp


She was horrified to hear

Of the godslayer, Tyrone

But she was even madder

At the god’s all-time lowness


Dionysus just gave up

All of his life, death had dined

His mother and her sister

Some guy he taught to make wine


The bartender yelled at the god

She called him a coward

“Who cares if that guy, Tyrone

Is super over-powered?”


Dionysus sighed and thought

Maybe this bartender is right

He asked her what her name is

She said “It’s Ariadne”


The two trek across greece

To find the one named Chronos

The man who is all of time

A plan they will all compose


To prevent the birth of him

Tyrone, bringer of sorrow

To undo what he has done

So gods can save tomorrow


(If this became a movie

Everyone watching would gawk

At Dionysus’ abs

He would be played by The Rock)



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