Drunk Txt

Its 2am and im writing this message to you, trying to figure out what to say cause
Ive been mixing cups of vodka with nostalgia 
Taking shots of the words that were promised 
And now im stumbling through the past to see where we lost it
I struggle to form a coherent sentence, deleting the words and retyping them, deleting the words and retyping them, deleting the words and retyping them
Fuck! Im drunk... 
My friends try to take my phone away, telling me that drunk texting is dangerous 
But failed to warn me that so was falling in love
So now im drunk texting you telling you i miss you
And even when the room is spinning and im drowning in a whirlpool of hurt i still want to kiss you
That even though im hunched over the toilet, forcing my finger down my throat to get rid of all this poison
Im still poisoned by the thought of you
That I keep taking swigs so i dont have to feel you in the veins that run beneath the skin you once paraded your lips around
Its 3am and now im fading in and out of consciousness waiting on your responses 
Im trying to keep from blacking out but knowing that youre backing out is making me want to tap out 
So all im left with are texts full of regrets and a pounding headache;
You could say I've got a love hungover.


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