ThE DruGs

The drugs “did it”

You didn’t mean to hit me

You didn’t mean to scream at me 

You didn’t mean to say all those things you said 

But yet, you still lost me 


You messed with my head, but most of all my heart

I should’ve left sooner

But I didn’t 

I loved you, then and now. 

But I never want to see you again

You hurt me

Mentally and physically 

More so mentally than physically but you still did it

I say it wasn’t the drugs…

I say you finally showed your true colors…

Laws, rules, feelings, respect, trust…

Not even love….

It all means nothing to you, it never did 

I was just stupid enough to fall for it.



Quincy Quipsmith

You matter
You are enough
Remember these words
When times are tough

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