The Drowning

Your nasty wretched fumes roll off your stained lips

You look like a fool with your stuttering and your trips

The empty bottles around you must be equal to your heart

Because I'll never find the end of them once you start

Your anger must embarress you as the spit flies from your mouth

But my fear must embarress me too as I hide deep on the ground

I only wish the man I knew would stop hiding in his alcohol

The man that's smart and gentle; who doesn't make me appall

But instead you create a monster, one who is relentless

One who is always sleeping; one who's always possessed

Please come back to me, I want the man I knew

I want my daddy; without his countless steaming brews

My daddy died a long time ago in a place that can't be found

I tried to bring him back to me. But he drowned



This poem is amazing, you put a lot of emotion into it. I love it because I can relate to it.

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