It's okay because I've realized that no one really cares.

That no one can really hear me when I scream and claw,

Trying to climb out of this hole.

Surrounded by painful noises,

The noise they all make as I cringe and fall to the wet ground.

In the bottom of this hole.

Now I realize that I'm going to drown.

They don't care,

do they?

I can' fix myself,

How could I possibly fix others?

Medication won't do much will it?

Maybe turn me into a being who does nothing,

except drown.

No fighting back anymore.

No one will reach out for me,

give me air to breathe.

Everyone around me is breathing,


when I try My lungs fill with water.

Murky water that's made up of the tears of ones who got stuck in this same hole.

The one's who couldn't breathe either.

I wish I could see the sun again,

Like I did when I was able to laugh and show a real smile.

Now they're all fake and there are new faces to wear everyday.

No one likes the real me,

Maybe, eventually, she will drown.


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