Tue, 06/21/2016 - 13:53 -- ioyktt

Suffocating in this ocean of noise.

Tried drying my eyes that are now puffy and moist. 

Where was your love in my time of need?

Where were you when I couldn't sleep? 

An oath from you abandoned carelessly.

A stab in the back from you that dug far too deep.

And all this time I have tried to forgive. But there still lied your steaming shiv.

Tell me, Should I have taken the chance to forgive? 

Surely enough, I say, that maybe the clouds shroud my once clear vision.

But the storms you created showed your evident intention.

Now I live with the floods of your torrents. 

At your mercy, pushed to the ground.

I'm at your mercy. Don't let me drown.

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Our world
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