A Driving Clock

Snap. Snap. Snap.

The woman sitting across from me pops her gum in time with the second-hand on my watch.

Bu-duh. Bu-duh. Bu-duh. Bu-duh.

The man at a corner table drums his fingers in a rhythmic beat that synchronizes with my heart.


The barista behind the counter reduces coffee beans to powder in a high-speed whir that matches the feel of blood rushing through my veins.

My body thrums, and I am alive.

The hum of lowered voices, the few steps to my car, the turn of a key and movement of levers until my dashboard reads “drive.”

And I do.

Windows down and music blasting, wind whipping my hair everywhere and the feel of sun, of summer, fills every vein until I am just a part of the living breathing moving changing bright season that consumes.

This is where I find my passion.

The trees and the wind, the smell of burned coffee-beans and the clicking of keys, the sun and the light, the moon shining bright, the realization that I am just part of a whole, a world so ancient I can never hope to experience more than an infinitesimal part of it.

But I want to see it all.

I know I can’t, of course. I can’t see a dinosaur roaming the wild, or a giant super-continent with the whole world connected. I will probably never witness the first under-water human colony, or see mankind united under the banner of peace, regardless of origin.

But maybe I can be a part of it.

Maybe if I work hard enough dream big enough open my mind fight for change be the change be inspired inspire others do something do anything do everything I will be a part of this ever-changing ever-growing infinite world.

This flow of thoughts through my brain, this circulation of dreams through my veins, this rhythm of ideas in time with my heart-beats pushes and pulls me and makes me want to do it all be it all change it all.

And the seconds tick past and the minutes count down and the hours drag on and the days wind down and the weeks and the months and the years fly past and I work and strive and push and change and I know that if every day I do something, one day I will do everything.



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