Driven by Curiousity

From yesterday to the next day

The future is seen unknown and grey

What we can perceive as current time 

is actually the catalyst of cause and effect

The past, what you may choose to reject or accept

The present, when actions present you life's rift 

The future, why to life, where curiousity drives it next


When we, you, and I wake up in the morning 

we, you, and I have mind that begins soaring

I, in particular, begin with curiousity growing

A time in the morning, motivated from curiousity to grow my learning


It all begins with a racing thought and mind

searching for the right answer to find

excited by the idea of finding the right

so my mind can begin to shine bright


It ends with more curiousity

though I have already found an answer to my mind 

my mind and thoughts continue to pound with furiousity

At night, just before tomorrow, knowledge still I thrive to find








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Our world
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