Drift Away




I hope you dream of happiness.

I hope that dream take over reality.
Where it washes away your sorrows.
Forgets the worry of tomorrow.
I hope you dream like it's a mission,
Where all your doubts become submission.
For over-thinking is forbidden,
And uncompromised with our nature.
Leave the critic mind behind,
Open up and see the signs.
Life is beautiful,
Everything is beautiful.
This is beautiful.
The beauty of not knowing,
And letting the cosmos take over,
Drifting away in calm waters.
Let it guide you merrily.
Because life is but a dream.



Your handwriting is so pretty, and the words are absolutely beautiful. 


Thanks so much!


I absoltely enjoyed this. Very 'feel good'. Please view some of my poems and leave comments.


Thanks for reading it. Will do!


The optimism in this is really uplifting, awesome poem, I love it!


Thank you :)


This is beautifully done! Thanks for posting!

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