Dreams Unanswered

Mon, 07/25/2016 - 16:22 -- ebsweet

Once upon a time I knew who I was

I thrived and flew like any bird does

I drank Earth’s air with water coursed veins

I was high above the sludge filled drains.

But a blink, all it was, that curved my path

Set now in darkness, hugged by self-wrath

Unsure of which road feels less travelled

Since the warmest one can’t keep me saddled

With loose dreams in my pocket I seth forth once more

As a last resort effort to peek at my core

But nothing, it seems, can break down that wall

Which restrains too many and governs us all

I plead for my sanity, my brains, and my heart

For a question answered, for a fresh, new start...

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