Dreams don't wait


Wilkes Barre
535 north river street
United States
43° 26' 3.9732" N, 103° 28' 51.3084" W

mandatory they say, meaningful they say, it'll take you there they say,                                              were you want to be and were your checkpoint awaits.                                                                          but your dreams dont wait, and they change;                                                                                             and they grow more far away, everytime you take a risk, you change your mind, you grow a pair, or the track your on... changes.                                                                                                                 and your dreams dont wait, and thats what makes you want them.                                                           that's what makes you frantic, it's what makes the urge to do good, to do great, to succeed                    because you hope one day to catch up, to reach it, to finally say you've done it... you've finnished          (it's in your human nature to want what you cant have)                                                                            but you haven't,                                                                                                                                           because your dreams dont wait, and just when you think you've trapped it, tightly cupped                     in your hands, it slips away                                                                                                                         and you finnaly realize your dreams don't wait.                                                                                          and they wont wait for you to deside when you want them, for you to chase at a faster pace,                  they wont wait for you to be brilliant, for you to outsmart their wit.                                                             but they'll want you to give up... to finally quit.                                                                                            but you wont quit, because its your nature not to,                                                                                   its your right to want, to go for: far to reach, to go for outstanding not borderline                                   to go for a life not a passtime, a bird in the sky not the debris floating by                                                 to go for overwhelming not easy...to chase the dream that wont wait.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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