Sometimes I wonder, what do you dream about?

Do you dream about wild fantasies where you are a queen?

Do you dream about worlds made of sweets?

Do you ever dream of me?


I used to dream about fantastic worlds of extraordinary creatures.

I used to dream of playing in the snow as the flakes danced about me.

My dreams used to be dreams of fantasies, of great wonders.

Now I dream about our short past, my greatest wonder this far.


Now I trade my dinosaurs and dragons for one more look at you.

I trade my candy lands and fantastical worlds for moments with you.

And how could I not? I'd take you over the fiction any day.

I dream of real life because it has finally become better than imagination can describe.


Although I still hang onto these memories, you have probably moved on.

Im not your first friend, your last friend, your favorite friend, nor am I the closest.

But you are my favorite friend, my closest friend, my best friend.

And dammit, I'm not giving up on you yet.

You'll always be my best friend.

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I don't know why, but I cried while reading this.
Very well written. Good work.

Vincent Drimur

Sorry I never replied to you until now. I'm still proud of this poem today. Thank you for the support!

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