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Nightmares; no entry; light; unspoken attractions; myself; traditions; life.
Words I chose to describe my feelings; my thoughts, my intuition, my life.
We as people do not have the luxury to know what the future holds;
We can only hope its positive, desirable, breathtaking in every way imaginable.
We will not have the chance to take back mistakes, to say our last goodbyes or our "I love yous",
because we never know when that time will come.
Have to pray, and hope and believe that better will come.
That there's more out there than just the blank plastered walls we stare at each and everyday surrounding us.
I was once told by a lost one, that today is never promised;
You don't know if you'll make it to your bed tonight;
And that,
That statement,
Gave me,
Nightmares, no entry, light, unspoken attractions, myself, traditions, and life.


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