A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes Up

    Ah, Cinderella. The girl who stole my crown....


I'm sure you've heard her fairytale, but let ME tell you how it really went down. 


    Cinderella was never a slave, she was practically a queen! 


She was always strutting round the house, she never had to clean. 


    Did you really believe that sob story that she told good ol' Prince Charming?


I'll admit, it's very well thought out.....but the truth is rather alarming. 


    But let me tell you another story, so often overlooked. 


It was in fact ME, Anastasia, who was always overbooked.  


    I'm portrayed as a monster, a selfish, evil step-sister. 


But it was Cinderella who showed her true colors when it came to a certain mister. 


    She was always mother's favorite, in short a true suck up. 


Mother never made her do chores, leaving me to clean her mess up!


    "What about Drizella?" You may be asking, I'm sure that you're uncertain. 


Well....poor Drizella wasn't all there....mother kept that behind the curtain. 


    "But the singing mice! The sewing birds! How could all that be untrue?"


"How could the story that I knew as a child, be so wildly askew?" 


     I'm sure you know of Cinderella's fate, her castle, kingdom and Prince. 


She left us here, in this run down cottage, and hasn't seen us since. 


     What mother could hate a daughter as beautiful as she?


Even though she wasn't blood mother loved her more than me.


      I can't believe you fell for all that talk of magic pumpkins. 


There was never a fairy godmother, she made it all up! Her story was really somethin'


      I'm sure you saw me at the ball, my dress was less than gorgeous. 


It wasn't hard for the Prince at all to look at me and be nauseous. 


      Her talk of 12 being curfew was nothing but a show. 


And when she left do you think leaving her shoe was an accident? Oh, no. 


      She played us, every single one. She's never been more applauded. 


Just look at Disney, they gave her a movie, her phony story is being lauded. 


      My mother now lives with a broken heart, she can't believe the betrayal. 


Drizella lives in constant confusion. She doesn't understand her sister's evil portrayal. 


      The kingdom hates us, we can't show our faces, we've been abandoned, it's plain to see. 


And it's all thanks to that Cinderella, the girl who lied to become a queen. 


      We loved her, cared for her and she only broke our heart. 


I guess we can say that Cinderella never really cared from the start. 


       So here I sit, all alone, writing the true story late at night. 


Cinderella may have taken my future, but I'm not going without a fight. 






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