The Dream Lives



I Guess Martin didn't stress it enough

His DREAM is still alive
His DREAM is in Us.
We have won some many battles
Lets not settle for a loss.
Its our time to rise
for this, The DREAMER cause.
Rosa refused to give her seat up on the bus
To a person who looked nothing like us
But why do looks matter?
Aren't we all from the same father?
Dont we all share the same blood?
That I never understood
To me we are all the same 
even if we not from the same hood.
Or from no hood at all
Like a nomad
But we have been abused
Is time to say NO MAS!
Lets go back in time to Gandhi
Perhaps his teachings can become a little handy.
We can make it through the desert
even though it's a little sandy
So why give up on our DREAM?
Lets take it like Candy!
We all want a piece of the cake
Its our time to devour
Even though the world makes it seem a little sour
If there was there was  a time to DREAM
This would be the hour!
Now let me say this to Obama
Over ten years of dreaming
Only ten years to kill Osama.
69 thousand every year
Do you really need that ringtone...
So we can it make it clear?
Do not take our hands
then stab us in the rear.
Im tired of my people living in fear
Seems like nothing has changed
who would have thought, after all these years?
Racism is a wall
Now lets integrate
Together we shall see it fall
Lets make this planet great.

"An unjust law is no law at all"

Why can't we understand St. Augustine?
Racism is not dead, 
as people make it seem. 
And "No man Is an Island"
Help us climb the highlands
So while  you so serene
We struggling, surviving
Fighting, learning to persevere.
Hoping that one day, we can reach our DREAMS. 
We all have a voice
so why can't you hear?
Only united we can make it clear!



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