The Dream Chaser

We became friends in 11th grade English, her and I.

I wish more than friends, but there was another guy.

A guy she had dated the last two years.

This bothered me much more than I made it appear.


At first glance, I knew this guy was a huge jerk,

And she was only allowed to talk to me if it involved homework.

I tried to resist thinking about her, but it was hard with her there.

I hardly knew my dream girl, but I couldn’t help but to care.


She had beautiful long hair, and the greatest of smiles;

And a laugh that would curl my toes, which would peel up floor tiles.

An optimistic attitude that everyone would admire.

Every time I talked to her, I began to stutter and perspire.


As the year went by, I began to lose hope.

I began to lose interest, and didn’t know how to cope.

I met more people, and I threw back some beers.

Party after party, cheers after cheers.


Senior year came and went, and that was that.

Last time I saw her was in her gown and her hat.

She would leave for the city to begin her new school,

And I would be at community college, the place for the fools




College began next, as did my classes.

All set to learn about math, gases, and masses.

First classes I began with were calc and chemistry,

And I must have been dreaming because she sat right next to me.


There she sat; the woman of my dreams.

I could hardly keep my composure and was bursting at the seams.

I didn’t yet have the guts to tell her how I feel.

I couldn’t tell her about my obsession, and for now had to deal.


Neither of us knew it, but we would become great friends

A person to cry on and a shoulder to lend.

We would commute to school and began driving together.

Her hair blew in the breeze and was as soft as a feather.


One day I finally decided to go for a goodbye kiss,

And she kissed me back; I wasn’t ready for this.

My new woman and I were ready to conquer all,

From work to school, spring semester and fall.


Days turned to weeks, and weeks had gone by.

She became my lady and I, her new guy.

By this time I realized she was more than good looks.

We were both hard-working and we cracked open the books.




We both graduated college, diplomas relieved the tensure.

We always enjoy the little things, the lunches and adventures.

Our futures are looking bright; they’re sunny and clear,

The original days and weeks have now turned to years.



Her family loves me, and my family loves her.

But most of all we love each other; everything else is a blur.

We are both independent, and we live our own lives,

The baseball jock from high school and the girl who swims and dives.


It was not long into the relationship that I determined that we

Were meant to be together for all of eternity.

After many years together with some workplace time apart,

I have bought her a ring and am ready to give her my heart


We began this journey late into our teens.

I and this beautiful woman; the one of my dreams,

To begin on this adventure that one would call life.

Nicole, my dream girl, will you be my wife?







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