The Dream

The sun sets behind the hill,
And sets the silent night. 
The plants dance, 
In the summer breeze.
Silence is broken by broken words, 
And silence is regained by an empty heart.
Soundless thought are faded,
The soundless words die.
This is what they call an abandoned dream.
No life, 
No death, 
No imagination.
All that seals a dream, 
Is broken by sorrow and pain
The old dreams scar, 
Of what never came true.
Tears stain like blood, 
On all wounded hopes.
The wounds hurt the dreamers,
The energy from that dreamer,
Move to the next,
And to the next.
Until everyone is that feeling pain.
And for these people they believe,
Dreams will never come true.
But new dreams can take over, 
Spreading hope,
And laughter.
And because they believe,
The dreamer can have the strength to move on.



Dreams meh

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