One night i had a dream.
I dreamed i was walking along a darkened road,
holding hands with a faceless man.
As we walked
scenes of my life flashed across the sky.
I noticed that in every scene
I walked alone,
with my heart in my hands.
In another scene i stumble and fall.
My heart dropped and split in two.
I sat there, staring at it in anguish.

When the last scene flashed before us
a faceless man appeared,
and helped me to my feet.
He then knelt and picked up
the pieces of my heart.
He put them together
and looked up at me and said
"These can be quite fragile."
He took my hand and we continued
walking along the road,
with my heart in his hands.

When the scene ended.
I looked back at the road,
and noticed it is similar to the road in the scenes.
I looked ahead and saw the sun begin
to rise and coat us in it's warmth and light.
I looked up smiling at the man,
and noticed for the first time
the mans face was showing
and he was smiling down at me.

The sun shined brighter
and as we walked the man said
"Now that we are out of the darkness
and your heart is safe, we can move
Ahead Hand in Hand
for an Even Brighter Future."


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