Drawn Around

If I try to help you, will you let me?

I remember sitting in the dark of the theater with you. Pressing my leg against yours wanting to touch you, but knowing your reputation. I’m watching the careless leather-jacketed bad boys walk away from the sobbing fixed-hair, heavy make-up girls on screen, but won’t our film keep reeling?

If I let my fingernails trace a heart onto your chest, will you fill in the rest?

Will you devote yourself to my arms?

Or will you leave me tarnished?

I can see you playing with those other girls, but aren’t you lonely?

I could be your end game, why won’t you let me?

If I peeled your dark outline from the ground, will your shadow melt with mine?

I know if I try I could raise from you a soul – purely clean and fine

What’s wrong with a bind? Are you unsteady? Why can’t we go steady?

Us is a word I can meddle for. What are you ready for? I’m willing to keep you wrapped in me.

Come on, together is a lovely way to be

I’m waiting for you in everlasting shadow I know you so well but I’m becoming forgetful

I’m feeling myself freeze towards you a simple yes would suffice

You keep making excuses I keep buying your lies

It’s like finesse sadness I’m so well practiced.

I don’t sit near you anymore. If I had the chance, would I press my leg against yours? I’m not too sure.

I watch you whisper to other girls in astronomy and suddenly I understand

Why Venus was called the Goddess of Love, but it is such an uninhabitable land.

Your gravity –

It affects my brain – all I do is think of you

It affects my lungs – why can’t I breath around you?

It affects my heart – it beats faster when I go near you

Slowly pushing me down and enveloping me until I can’t feel myself and I begin to wonder if it would just be easier to Bend Over Backwards.

Everything about you makes me crave touch. I gained a habit of biting my nails stroking my own thumb scratching the center of my palm because I didn’t like the feeling of my hand being empty. I hoped that one day, my scratching would be replaced by You – a person who would trace the lines in my palms and say, “hey, you’re going to live a long and happy life.” And then I would, for the first time, be able to look you Directly in the Eye and understand who it would be with.

I keep thinking of a flirtatious sun and moon, they want each other so badly.

But they can never be together. It’s impossible to have a relationship when you can’t move out of your own circle of gravity.


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