Dragons Tomb


Coconut Creek
5511 NW 50th Ave
United States
26° 17' 54.8664" N, 80° 11' 30.3072" W

To envision, imagine the world like fusion as thee life unfolds a dragon,

To speak no evil to hear is good and we only did what we could,

The world, dark cold bleak is like a pearl blackened from the deep,

To envision, passion no risen dragon, can spare thee thy ashes and wipe the naturalist to sea,

To speak thee Ive lived this too much seeking honey from thine gut,

The world, playful aweful and inspirational thine role and sought out thy curdling scream,

Creatures stir at every corner, no one left to say bon giorno, creation stirs from the deep,

The God, his mad eye for talent rescues the surface of the deep and severs the bleak to a frozen palacade.

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My community
Our world
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If I had to choose poets who I would want to represent me I would probably choose writers like William Shakespeare's, Goethe and Poe.  They are the ones that you can derive meaning from no matter who you are although because I'm American it doesn't translate well for Goethe.  I want to read him in German one day!

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