Poems from DavidZajac2017

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I'm 26 years old and currently a grad student earning my masters in psychology. I have worked very hard to get where I am struggling through mental illness. I have achieved what few have with my diagnosis and I have noticed that the more I learned the more I got healthier. I also realized that I got more creative too and I like guitar, violin, painting, pottery and poetry. My favorite author by my bedside is Shakespeare.
Furiously tiny Tom with his mother out for lunch, curiously entered the family parlour to see what Scout was doing. Enduring to his plot he...
A mouse can be a horse, a pumpkin can be a carriage, to embrace true love, discover marriage
A new school, pleasant people, friendly vibes, to turn the page and flip the tides 
In times of passion they empty love to find the hate, that lead us through this hell to heavens open gates In this way we are blessed, to...
What nights, what days, my life spent in splendor.  Even though I am a humble schizophrenic, I am also a college graduate.