Dr. McDonalds: He's the Remedy to Death


Our Heart beats oil, nourishing the blisters of our skin. Laying in a hopeless state and devouring the prescribed saturated medicine. When the hunger strikes again, you must see the doctor. His name is Dr. McDonalds and rumor has it he's Legit. His prescription is affordable and quick to grab. He treats everyone and he is worldwide. This man is legit and he got what you need. He smiles when his products fulfill and he smiles when his products kill. That's right, Dr. McDonalds is a murderous mal-practitioner. He treats you when you are hungry, but prescribes you with toxic placebos. Yes, he's affordable and it's a way to make you gullible. He provides for everyone, but I would suggest to stay away. Let him suffer, while you live longer.


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