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I have a late night McDonalds crew. I'm betting you wish you had one too. We go and we get ice cream and fries. I'll usually go for two apple pies. Three girls and a boy, well an honorary female.
Dear womanhood,you've been a vague stranger nearly all my life,you've set unrealistic boundaries, you've made me feel lesser, you've set me apart from all the other girls.
Don’t think too much About forbidden touch Or legal abuse of such Little creatures like dairy cows and fabric workers.   Don’t feel too much. The homeless man with his crutch
McDonald's Always open Always serving Always there Just existing   McDonald's is the kid who never left home Grew up here Made a name for itself And never found a reason to leave
Democracy? An illusion Freedom? A delusion How are we supposed to feel  with Isis's intrusion? We're stuck in bad habit while they're organizing their cabinet.
If I were a recipe, I would be made up of mostly self critism and doubt with a pinch of failure. Never adding up to anything more than a meal at McDonald's. Something fast and easy, 
I have something that some people need to learn,  Some consideration would be nice, Some compassion for others too.    I work in a place where this is hard to find, People are rude, 
Our Heart beats oil, nourishing the blisters of our skin. Laying in a hopeless state and devouring the prescribed saturated medicine. When the hunger strikes again, you must see the doctor. His name is Dr. McDonalds and rumor has it he's Legit.
The day I met you. Seems like just yesterday, when it was love at first sight. My first day.  You were wearing a McDonalds uniform as was I. Drenched in sweat you still said "hi".
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