Doves, Fly High

Once upon a time, love was pure

And the bounding of two lovers overfilled the world

They sat and wished to the Gods that a baby would become

But later down the road after their wish came true

Malevolent, the witch, put out a curse that cant be undone

Dark skies came over the land and crows began to dance

Malevolent wanted to spread her evil ways

But looking into the future she knew that baby girl will banish her from the land

She will grow up to be a Goddess; the witch didn’t stand a chance

But at least she knew in advance

The parents named the child Aurora because she shinned like the northern lights

She was the envy of every girl in town; all the fellas fell in love

But she was too busy singing to the doves

Her head up to the sky while her heart was filled with content

No desire for a lover, she was pure inside and out

The curse that the witch casted took place 18 years after birth

A boy will steal Aurora’s heart

And true love kiss will send her to the grave

And sure enough her 18th birthday came, along with the boy

She fell in love, but she was too scared to kiss him

Shyness was her only flaw, but the one thing that prolonged her life

The witch watched with her withering face from above the town

Patiently waiting for her time to rule the kingdom

5 years went by and there were still no kiss

The witch grew inpatient and decided to take a visit to town

Aurora was happy and soon to be married

But little did she know, her lover was the Witch’s son

He was designed by his mother’s evil ways

Willing to do anything to make his mother happy

While the witch was in town she went to visit her son

But as she approached the house she noticed Aurora walking with him

She ran to hide behind a bush

Covering herself in her lush garment

Kiss me said Aurora, stunned was the witch

Malevolent peaked beyond the bush

Her eyes were filled with joy for the day finally came

Aurora sealed her love with a kiss and down she fell

Into the arms of evil, she took her last breath

She was frozen in time, at least that’s what the witch thought

Although her temple lay restless her soul rode on the doves

Back to the Gods in the sky where she belonged

And when she reached her home the clouds opened up

Her true father Zeus sent down lightening to strike the witch

Furious by the witch, he killed her in cold blood

And sent down to earth a huge flood

Anyone with evil in their heart lived no more

And only the pure of heart walked the earth

Zeus sent Aurora to live with her earth parents

And for once in a long time, there was peace on earth




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