Double Lives

Leading a double life ain't no walk in the park,
For the division really isn't clear.
The line that we tread, it's so unclearly marked
So far yet it's oh so near
The story begins my first day of highschool,
The building so large, so intimidating
Trying so hard to not act like a fool
I think many of you might be relating
Freshman year, the deciding factor, 
of whether or not you'll be "cool"
It's either be yourself, or be an actor,
For me, it was option number two
No one knows who I really am,
I thought no one would be interested
Why bother trying to take a stand
When blending in was "innocent"
But how "innocent" is throwing away your true self?
Living a lie day after day?
Trying so hard to prove ones self 
In such an elaborate way.
I guess what I'm saying, is that I truly regret,
Not being myself, not being my best.
I was continually being this marionette
And blending in with the rest. 


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