I know you see him… sitting on the sidewalk.

Why don’t you go say hi?

                I’m scared…

He won’t hurt you; he’s just sad and feels alone.

Wouldn’t you like to be treated like a human?

                Yeah, I guess…

Look, you’re doing it, you’re walking over.

He glanced up, and around in disbelief that you see him.

                Wow…he’s really nice and funny.

Doesn’t it feel amazing to do something extraordinary?

The homeless are men and women, no different from us.

                Everywhere I go… I make sure they feel

                noticed and appreciated.

Go on…

                There’s nothing like it, the feeling of

                bringing a person to his feet, smiling,

                and wishing him a good day.

I know you see-

                I’d be a fool if I missed Justin and

                his favorite spot. 


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