Don't worry, it gets better

A rhyme here and there can make a point.

Stay away from that stuff as your friends pass the joint.

Yeah, it can be a new experience for some,

But, in the end, all that talk you make is just dumb.

Cancer is a thing that’s all too real.

Think about that next time you make a deal.

Sure, some say marijuana isn’t causative,

But I can tell you this—smoke in your lungs isn’t positive.

I’ve seen great people get lost to drugs.

From friends and scholars, down to loners and thugs.


The business world can be a lot of fun…

Wait one second, let me grab my gun.

Now that I’m armed and feeling so on top,

Get down on your knees or it goes pop pop pop!


The view up here gives some real clarity.


See all the ladies, jerking off their bosses.

See all the men, shining shoes with glosses.

How unfortunate is this fact,

That humans are still stuck in a power-focused mentat?


Making up words is pretty great.

Throw the phony thing on the internet…or masturbate.

Both materials are just as real.

Both are harmful to our soulful feels.


Let’s tackle some more societal issues,

That people deny the existence of, lest they’re the ones who lose.

Women don’t get paid as much as men.

But maybe it’s made up for at the daily ladies nights on the West-end.

Haha! There’s a joke in a much-needed place.

Why don’t you wipe that serious look off your face?

Cause nobody wants to deal with a somber attitude.

You can cry about it, or you can dance about it, dude.


Let’s talk about my privileged pigment.

Believe me, it is not an imagined figment.

The fact that I’m white puts me at such an advantage.

But as expected, others like me know just how to mismanage.


I won’t go into details on money and jobs,

But the lazy alcoholics and the racist, angry snobs…..

“Go and see the world!” is all you’d have to say,

To American white people if they’d realize their pain,

Is nothing in comparison to Africans eating rocks,

When the big hand hasn’t reached you on your family’s food-rotation clock.

Or how about Iraqis or the Middle East in general?

Guns, bombs and warfare are approved by our own federal.

Or how about the Chinese with their tiny jam-packed homes,

Their government suppresses all the information they should know.

But luckily the internet has had a great effect,

On giving people freedom to make sure their facts are checked.

While we could stay abroad, let’s bring it home so we can cater

To the audience: us people who should help our starving neighbor.

That’s right, there are people suffering here just like there.

But here, they have the privileges of grocery stores and clean air.


Continuing with the stuff about the white, privileged population,

Let’s dig down to how they act towards Mexicans and Haitians.

We can’t forget the Indians, Chinese and Indonesians,

Peruvians, the Japanese, the Russians and Sardinians.

You see them driving in their cars on your way home from work.

You have a choice, use your inner voice to be an angel or a jerk.

Jerk might be a little soft, how about “a straight-up idiot”?

It’s not so harsh when you hear the words coming out the mouth of a bigot.

One phrase I’ve heard can sum up these people that are no good,.

Cringe! (no) Hide! (no) Slap them in the face when they say, “There goes the neighborhood.”

Never has there been a phrase that demonstrates so well,

These people who without much change are destined for….it rhymes with jail cell.


All of this is part of a pattern that is much, much bigger.

Many Americans, I’m afraid to say, aren’t afraid to pull the trigger.

They’re happy in their wealthy lives until life gets rearranged.

They perceive those without perfect English as this unwanted change.

It’s like some folks feeling that the pledge should be required,

But what if you were born into Islam? Would the Christian pledge be desired?

“Do unto others as you would want done unto you.”

The Golden Rule applies to me, my neighbors, and you too.

America, for freedom, can be a leading example,

Unless we go ahead, don’t give a thought, lift our feet and trample.

Everyone has their right to religion and to speech.

But public schools are public, until the Constitution’s impeached.

A little imagination can go a long, long way.

Put yourself into their shoes, if even for a day.

Then you’ll see that everything you thought was bad in your life… okay.


The media. It thrives on a heart-throb or someone’s failure.

It chooses what it wants to show to gain the public’s favor.

Favor leads to money, and money leads to power.

The media. It locks us all inside their ivory tower.

The currency to purchase favor is those of a non-white pigment.

Instead how about they educate us on foreign affairs or our government?

We could all use a little more knowledge on what happens in the capitols.

Versus having inner-city violence become oh-so-very casual.

It’s also fun to note how much the news discriminates.

In its choices of its stories, reinforcing all the hate.


Moving on, let’s paint the image of the white, suburban culture.

There’s nothing they need to worry about, except that little vulture.

That vulture circling up in the sky is waiting for their minds to be polluted.

Actually, let’s be real, it’s waiting for them to do something really stupid.

“What?” you ask, could a worry-free, conforming person do,

To make that vulture flap its wings, to dive, and then pursue?

It goes by many-a-name, and I think I’ll choose “cashola”.

They see the shiny iPhone and can’t possibly live with the Motorola.

Then there’s all the people at the mall just down the road.

What will be thought of them if their car is rusty, breaks down and gets towed?

At that lovely mall there’s people shopping just for fun.

Of all those lovely people, who can afford it? Out of three only one.

This is the day the vultures have been waiting for so long.

Their patience paid off. They’re ready to feast. This is their swan song.

The two out of three could have been at this mall or in their home.

There’s internet shopping, there’s ads that are dropping, they slick back their hair with a comb.

How awesome they’d look in that cute summer dress or with those expensive shades.

Too bad this is when the vulture attacks, unless they got really good grades.


I’d like to finish with a topic that’s a bit less serious.

I don’t want you to walk away from this feeling delirious.

Let’s talk for a short while here about music and the arts;

Something that touches each and every one of our hearts.

It’s great that people can enjoy creativity in all its colorful splendor.

It just amazes me that people enjoy listening to all of these pretenders.

What I mean is that I believe in art to be fun and pure and true.

Not based on making money and following the model of what cows do to chew.

The same ten people write these songs you hear on the radio.

They found a formula that works to keep their product in a constant flow.

If you enjoy the songs that sound the same, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Music is just my thing, like some people like cars or cats.

You simply can’t find a better example of the herd mentality, though.

When people say, “Hey! If they listen to this, I should too. Now I’m a music pro!”

The misunderstanding that most people have about music and art in general,

Is that it’s not always about being the best, but the process is what makes it special.

At least this is what the artists will say, when all is said and done.

And really, what it truly comes down to is having a lot of fun.

It’s fun to be free and art is a practice of freeing your mind from its cage.

It can be therapeutic, mind-opening or it may even put you on a stage!


After all these bad things I’ve discussed here in length, here are my words of advice. 

They’re meant to give you that needed strength—an emergency floatation device:

It’s easy for you to get this clear view.

Just travel abroad. Check off a box or two.

You can even walk down the street, open a door and get their opinion.

Just remember the place that you’re standing in,

Because places have souls, just like me and you.

It’s called the collective unconsciousness. It guides everything that people do.

If you can break free from those chains and those tassels.

It’ll free your brain up from all the rats nests and hassles.

So let’s get going. Let’s see a thing or two.

And maybe while you’re there, you’ll find something to do.


Even with all of its problems, I’m proud to live in AmERICa.

After all, my name might be in there. Good golly, oh hahahaha!

Gee whiz! Gee willikers! Holy potato! I just want to demonstrate.

That this poem by this American white boy is over, so go ahead and close the gates.


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