Don't Turn Out Like Me


Don't Turn Out Like Me

Your mother always said 'I Don't want you to turn out like me' ,and even though you hated the idea that's EXACTLY who you chose to be,a teenage girl dealing with pregnancy.
Straight Out Of Jr High, at Graduation you can't say your last goodbyes,you've got to go inside cause your back is aching.
Now Its summer time,and THEY Facebook beefing over YOU,cause they seen you at the party last night turnin' up " GIIRRL you can't do what we do.!" "OH and I heard Lil Trey yo babydaddy too"
Now your upset cause you know it's true,but it isn't your fault you just wanted it to be the same as it use to
Now there's no more nights of parties but instead nights of cries
No more homies to hang with,cause when they say their going home on a Saturday those are full of lies..
And now you realize and now you see,that 30 minutes of pleasure isn't worth telling YOUR child don't turn out like me.

~JazzyMiecha(p.s. this doesn't refer to me )


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