Don't Judge Me

There's something I need to tell you,

My story is short enough to expose. 

I am no saint,

But the devil is far from controlling me. 

There is a line asking to be crossed. 

So tempting. 

The calling. 

It needs to be broken. 

Consequences follow an action closely behind;

They are brothers. 

On a whim a promise was broken. 

The string wrapped around my wrist taunting. 

It couldn't last till Christmas. 

I needed the release before my soul ruptured. 

Before everything I knew,

Everything I was,

Everything I wanted to be,

Everything me,

Collapsed and suffocated in the darkness. 

In the shadows held a whispering voice. 

Ignoring something powerful, 

Something manipulative and vial was unlikely. 

I undid the pretty bow. 

I breathed deeply. 

I whispered, "Christmas is early this year."


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