Don't Judge Me


"Your Honor,

I didn't mean it,

I know it's my fault,

I didn't mean it.

My intentions were good,

won't you believe it?

It happened so fast I couldn't see it."

He ain't wanna hear it

It was a closed case

I was love sick and caught a cold case.

And to think

You were the one I gave my ring to,

I claimed you

Now I blame you.

Despite your family thinking you're an angel,

I gotta live with this shit

Thank you!

It was self-defense, but it wasn't.

That doesn't make any sense, does it?

Let me explain,

Let me explain!

She said "there's something going on inside me."

I said "you're pregnant!"

She said "not likely.

I have HIV."

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Our world



Daaaaaaaaaaamn!!!! Yeeeeees!!!! I feel it!!!


Thank you!

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