Don't Give Up


Don’t give up
when life brings you down-
there’s always someone
who wants you around.

Whether you know it or not,
or even met them yet,
there will be an Angel
who doesn’t want you upset.

And that special person
will sure find you soon-
to make your life bright
and sing you your tune.

Be patient, don’t worry!
The pain will be gone.
They’ll show you the path
you need to walk on.

Then they’ll take your hand
and teach you to dance,
to jump through the hurdles,
to grow and advance

They'll help you back up;
you'll stand on your feet
with your head lifted high,
not accepting defeat!

You’ll be glad that you lived.
You’ll be tougher than nails.
Through all of life’s obstacles,
it is YOU who prevails

And when you see someone
who needs that good friend,
it'll be you who can help them
not meet their end.


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