Don't Get It Twisted

Every good gift comes from above.

Gratitude for what you have comes from God. But jealousy for what you don't 

have does not.

Natural food comes from God, while gluttony and junk food does not. 

The gift of sex came from God. But the idea of a "quickie," "one-night stand,"or 

prostitution does not.

The ability to speak comes from God, while deception, slander, and gossip does not.

The gift of prosperity and blessing comes from God. But "getting rich quick"

schemes do not. 

Trees to produce wood and print money come from God, while the love of money does not.

The physical human vessel that is the body comes from God. But physical diseases

do not.

The gift of thought, will, and emotion comes from God, while mental illnesses do not. 

All of nature, including water, wind and fire comes from God. But natural disasters

do not.

Winds that power wind turbines come from God, while tornadoes and monsoons do not. 

Rainwater that nourishes crops and fruit comes from God. But hurricanes and tsunamis

however, do not.

Fire and heat with its various uses came from God, while forest fires did not.

The gift of human activity and industry came from God, while global warming did not.

Humility and meekness like that of Mother Theresa comes from God. But the 

spirit of poverty does not. 

Freewill and lessons come from God, while sin and temptations do not. 

Don't get it twisted my friends, every good gift comes from above.

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