Don't Forget


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Here you are, you're in a new world

but don't forget many new surprises are coming your way

Here you are maybe 2 or 3, just trying to talk

but you have not forgot how to walk

Here you are in the sassy 7s or ethical 8s

you may realize life is getting harder,

but dont forget its only making you smarter

15 Already? Where has the time gone?

Please don't forget about what you have done wrong

Tines are changing and I know you have struggled

Not everyone grows up with parents who are always in trouble

You have done your dos 

You have your ducks in a row

but please don't forget all te things that happened a long time ago

You're 17 now


You're almost on your own! Look at how you have grown

Things are getting hecktic and things are needed to be planned

but after all the tings you have done there is still more dealt to your hand

Do what you can, do what you must

just please don't forget your childhood in the dust

This poem is about: 
My family


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